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Saturday, 30 January 2010

S.Egglestone - Lapsed DBC Member.

I want to set the record straight regarding this particular ex DBC club member.

It seems he (S.Egglestone) has stated that he has chosen not to re-new his membership this year.

Its allways a shame when we lose members but this comes as a surprise especially when i have made concerted attempts to build bridges with Mr Egglestone, this has been a mutual effort.

There is an unpleasant history of vitreolic & heated electronic exchanges between the two of us . . .

# i have publicly ridiculed him for tresspassing & ignoring on site instructions & climbing over locked gates on the clubs nature reserve.

# i pulled him for crashing about in thorn scrub looking for Long-eared Owls in mid March - a time when they are most suceptible to disturbance at nest selection stage,

# i commented that his postings on the Nurd Forum were a load of "inane waffle".

Thats the sum total of it - the last one was OTT, rude & un-necessary, but hey if you're prepared to bare your soul on the w.w.web then you'd better be a bit thick skinned.
The sticks & stones phrase spring to mind.

If he, as i perceive him, is an inexperienced "townie type birder" then hes gonna make a few school boy errors when he visits the countryside - but if you are publishing your birding exploits on the world wide web then you ought not to be surprised if someone pulls you up from time to time.

Others have had it in the neck from me for when it comes to their poor treatment of wild birds, in the field as well as on screen.

SEgg. & myself have been in contact on several occassions on various topics over the past few months.

Most recently, in fact just last week when i sent him grid refs for my recent sightings of Green Woodpecker & Seos within South Tyneside Borough, as a further gesture of goodwill.

He has assured me there were no hard feelings & he didnt bare any grudes for my previous outbursts against him. (although he chooses not to acknowledge any of my comments in public).

These are some of the topics & suggestions i have discussed with him via electonic means:-
That he joins the DBC committee.
I put him onto a Barn owl i found roosting in a Hawthorn tree in the Boldon area.
Considers starting the ball rolling re setting up a DBC members "Local Group".
Suggested that collection buckets would be a worthwhile initiative on the 1st night of the ECWarbler.
Discussed arranging to erect a BO box in West Boldon area.
Gave him positive feedback on his Rosy Tern article in The LEK.
Couple of general chatty message re owls.
Suggested that we try to get permission for his graveyard nest boxes through the club (as professionals), as he was having problems in gaining consent from the local authority.

His has made a suggestion of holding indoor meetings in Sth Tyneside area. He is claiming it has been overlooked/ignored by DBC. In Fact this was dealt with promptly by a committee member.

So you can see i have tried to make amends with this particular person.

Its a shame that he chosen not to renew his membership.

But if hes willing to wrap in his subscription to a local wild bird charity over dubious concerns over the safety of a one off scarce bird (BNG), then imho hes not worth worrying about.

Plenty more potencial members out there & i recruit & retain my fair share.

As for some of the comments regarding "elitism" - if i am out birding, more often than not it'll be with relativly inexperienced newcomers like Spuggy, Foghorn & Great Bustard.

# NB. # If theres anyone out there whose prepared to come onto the DBC committee & take my position then get in touch with the club Chairman.

The bairns finished his dinner now, so off out for a snowball fight - Yoshi vs Sonic the Hedgehog !

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