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Saturday, 30 January 2010

30th Jan 2010 - Full moon fever

30 Jan 2010
owls 3 - oystercatcher nil
Current run of good fortune coming to a halt - somehow managed to dip an Oik !
Consolation in the form of the 3 long winged ones.
A Woodcock flew close past mid afternoon, Short hunting against a snowy backdrop, later met with a.n.other & had good views of Long hunting in flight not long after 5pm, with BO not too much later. While owling we had several Snipe up & off & up & in. A Jack Snipe came in, peeling round in a tight arc before landing.

While scanning around we noticed a bright glow over the horizon - to the EAST.
What was this ? You'd think the sun was about to appear.
No, it was his mate the moon, rising up into view.
Ten mins later the biggest (well almost) brightest full moon was fully visible.
I turned the scope to have a look, the previous night we'd been looking at Mars . . .

Unbelievable !! A silhouetted shape was making its ways across the moon !

It was distant, but absolutely distinctive. A Barn Owl ! What an absolute fluke.

Hope the good run is picking back up . . . Oystercatcher over the garden tomorrow morning would do !

Been a good week not only for the patch, but for owl info:-

Latest, Bumped into a bloke from Sherburn who tells me about the breeding Shorties hes been watching in Derwentside . . .

image of his eared Owl

hes been back on the Email again with the exact location & confirms breeding 2008 & 9. . .

And heres me thinking we'd found ALL our breeding Longies !!!

Also a message in from deepest darkest South Whineside re a regular BO hunting ground - no confirmed pair in that loc.

This is on top of the BO/SEO/LO i gleaned from 2 different gadges while rambling this last week.

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