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Friday, 15 January 2010

4th Jan 2010 - Iceland Gull / Mealy Redpoll

3rd Jan.
R.Bridge. 1Mealy Redpoll, 30Lesser Redpoll, 22Siskin. (CW)

4th Jan.
Xmas Eves Iceland Gull now finding its way on this years patch list, singles of Med & YLGull still around, as ever right place right time - constant turnover of birds to & fro at the Biffa tip, with up to 4,000 at any one time.

4th Jan
Coalfields area
A first year Iceland Gull in amongst lots of other Gulls and a fantastic view of a short eared hunting successfully. (PD)
L.Bridge a single Goosander.(PD)

single Mealy Redpolls within mobile flocks at Houghton, Redpolls outnumbering Siskins for a change.

After the RIP Bittern, no further casualties to report - thery're probably burried under the fresh snow, although weakened Heron & Short-eared Owl looking worse for wear.

At home Song Thrush bullied on & off during the day, but he crept back after the Blackbirds had gone to roost at 4:30 & was setting off the security light & feeding in peace up till at least 6pm

Two locations in NZ34 having hunting BO & SEO this afternoon
One location in NZ24 having the same combo mid afternoon.

Judging by the ammount of snow at home, i presume a few BO's are gonna start to struggle - especially those in the West of the County.

At least 85 species noted on the patch so far.

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