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Sunday, 24 January 2010

24 Jan 2010 - Just nipping to T#sco's

Some of these supermarkets get very very busy - but i dont mind volunteering to crash my trolley through the masses.

Grocery shopping takes so long you'd imagine someone had possibly been elsewhere / doing something else, or at the least they'd appear to have taken the long scenic route home . . . .

Zipped round filling a trolley & had a sneaky 45mins at Shorbn hospital

Many happy memories, we practically lived here when we were kids, messing about, nesting & wading the beck.
Here i saw my first Pied Fly, LSW & LEO. Loads more, but annual visits to the Dipper nest, watching & listening to Corn Buntings (still a couple close by) etc all remain vivid.

This afternoon, two male Goldcrest singing & displaying brought back another bit of memory lane, i recall standing tip-toe on the top rail of a fence to look at the tiny eggs in a marvellous little cup of a Goldcrests nest .

The beck's in a small sheltered area, & i allways expect a wintering Chiffchaff, but once again not today. Its a modest affair, so i was surprised to see a Cormorant had managed to touch down. The regular riverine supporting cast were all present & correct with singles of Dipper, Grey & Pied Wagtail, Kingfisher & plenty signs of Otter.

A taster of Spring was in the air with Great tits constantly singing & an unseen GSW drumming. Also seen were pairs of, Partridge, Nuthatch, Willow Tits & Jay.
A regular Tawny cavity was vacant - probably just as well otherwise theres a fair chance the contents of some of those carrier bags would begun to thaw out.

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