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Leucistic Little Owl image copyright Hilary Chambers, Durham.

Friday, 15 January 2010

10th Jan 2010. male Leo singing

10th Jan.

male Leo singing yesterday & the previous evening at dusk for 10mins before setting out.

Despite the poor weather, hes obviously in no real hurry to get out & hunt.

While listening to him on Sunday a Barn Owl came past feet away - its wing tips almost touching the snowy ground & a Jack Snipe which came into the wind just over the top of the bushes, about 10' above me - seemed like he was actively searching for open areas, looked like he was going to stall & ditch at the first feeding opportunity.

On a less positive note:- VERY disappointing to see so many footprints up & into the (now vacated) Leo roost trees.

Female Goshawk (1st site record) being mobbed by female Sparrowhawk.
Also male Merlin,20 Grey Partridge,6 Woodcock,3 female Sparrowhawk.
Despite weather the still several large flocks of titmice/Goldcrest/Nuthatch present. (The Finch)

CLS Riverside.
1 Male Goosander 3 Female Goosander,1 Tufted Duck 1 Heron 2 Little Grebe (PD)

female Mandarin in inlet from lumley castle but was quie elusive under trees with Mallards.
4 Buzzard inc.a pale morph bird and one individual carrying a stick.
Woodcock feeding at woodland pool
Barn Owl hunting at 3pm
(The Heron / Jimmy)

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