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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

26 Jan 2010 - Chester-le-Spring

Crow at a Sea Trout

Twos company, three gets shoulder charged into the water.

Stopped to take a picture of the mess being issued here, only to find camera batteries dead; as i poped in a couple of spares a Water Rail ran out & flew across the adjoing burn, hiding under Hawthorn trees.

Called at HoGate on way up - a Shelduck pair were local patch year tick #97
10 Buzzard were up together over Lambtons(record count ?), with another pair close by - how they come on over the past 4 or 5 year.
3 or 4 cock Chaffinch singing mid morning, also 2 drumming GSW & a singing Nuthatch.
Checked for Leos in reg spot, but no surprise the cupboard was bare....

Leo was 'ere

Cracking BO out at @16:30
Light till 17:00 or so: Leo pr active from then, 2WRail vocal.

End with a shocker video (if it works) from JT

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