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Leucistic Little Owl image copyright Hilary Chambers, Durham.

Friday, 15 January 2010

13th Jan 2010 - 90 species

13th Jan
W.R Stables Farm
Not much luck in finding many bunting flocks, but the farmyard held 40Yellowhammer, 2Reed Bunting, 10Chaffinch, 1Siskin, 15Blackbird, 2Song Thrush, 2Mistle Thrush, 2Kestrel, fSparrowhawk, 3Willow Tit, 3Woodcock,

Missile Turd

a large mixed flock of 220+ Goldfinch, Siskin, Lesser Redpoll, 1-2Mealy Redpoll - covering a lot of ground, they headed East towards The Highfield. A smaller group were nr RMs car park later on. 20+Magpie, 5Grey Partridge, 1Skylark, Stoat & Weasel.

Coalfields area
all pools still iced up, several Woodcocks including feeding birds at pools 2 & 4. Pool2 - 1Short-eared Owl, 16Fieldfare, 2Redwing, mixed flock of 80 Redpoll & Goldfinch.


1 recently dead Coot in damp woodland.

2pr Wigeon, 1(!)Lapwing, 15Teal including birds displaying, & many gulls on flood water including 1 2nd winter Med Gull.

Walk round the nether regions of the patch.
Barn Owl hunting midday nt long after the sleety rain had stopped.
3 Shorties roosting together in their favoured hedge.

digi-binned shot of wary bird

Pair of Long-eareds roosting not too far from the path.
Managed to see a Little Owl at the entrance to his box - theyre really keeping a low profile in this wintry weather.

Med & Mealie take me up to 90 species on foot within the local patch.

Still looking out for:-
Corn Bunt
Marsh Tit
Green Woodpecker
Golden Plover
Red Kite
Chiffchaff . . . .

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