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Monday, 15 February 2010

15 Feb - Winter Owlympics - New Record !

Sporadic net access over past couple of days leaves lots & lots of catching up.
Also lots & lots of owl activity at present with Bo & Leo info in from sev areas.

- what better time then to commence The Winter Owlympics.

A late entry on Saturday aftnoon, i thought i'd be working hard to catch the rest of the field.
4pm & i was off, but not another competitor in sight.
Out of nowhere, a Barn,
only 10' away, then circling round to come back again.
At the same time a distinctive muffled tapping, 5 mins later Leo was back wing clapping across the horizon.
Short was easy,going high to avoid corvids. Tarty Tawny, but failed to yield Little except on call.
Finishing time for The 5 Owls = 1hour 45 mins.

That was a good finish, but could we make a push to break the magical 1 hour barrier . . .

Sunday afternoon was almost a non starter.
Late getting out of the blocks - left home at 5.
17:05 - first a Little, then they all fell perfectly - turning through 180 as the light was going & we nabbed a Barnie ghosting towards us at 17:40

# # A NEW OWLYMIC RECORD - The 5 species seen in 37 mins. # #

My dreams of Owlympic GOLD have been dashed for the time being, as a young pretender has seemingly set that bar at 20 minutes !
Surely impossible ?

Owling at Pensha Park - " Its Mint Dad "

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