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Sunday, 24 January 2010

24 Jan 2010 - Elasticated boundary ?

A Knot at Pensha park (where we were yesterday morning in the mud) found by my good mate Steve Egg.
Always great to get a passage wader dropping in, although you dont expect them in January !
No probs with this one, Herrington well & truly within "the patch".

Knot by Steve Egglestone.

we may well have to consult with the Joint Chiefs of The Elasticated Patch Boundary Commission for the BNG at Silksworth . . .

Just like WWWT, both locales are a couple of hundred metres, if that! outside the Boundary.
Suppose i could shave a bit of from a less productive corner & lay claim to Silky Lakes (of Laughing Gull fame)

Little else to report as the 3 Amigoes were down Teesmouth ticking.
Yellow-legged Martian phones me about 5 Shorts & a fem Merlin dashing about.

So thats the patch onto #100 species ( plus 1 (?) subject to the boundary review!)

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