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Friday, 15 January 2010

11th Jan 2010 - 10 miler in Wellies (73sps)

Monday 11th Jan. -

After a week of mostly sitting in a chicken-pox infested house - the boy was back at skyull & i was off on a 10 miler.
(NB: remember not to wear wellies next time - especially when the snows beginning to give )

Hton to L.Castle 4.5km.
5Dipper (3singing males), 2Kingfisher, 3Grey Wagtail, 1Water Rail, 2Heron, 6Lapwing, 2Woodcock, 4Redshank, 204Curlew, 3Snipe, 54Long tailed Tit, 11Coal Tit, 5Treecreeper, 3Nuthatch, 3GSW(1drumming), 12Siskin, 1Linnet, 26Goldfinch, 4Chaffinch, 8Greenfinch, 7Bullfinch, 1(!)Redwing, 16Fieldfare, 3Mistle Thrush, 2Stock Dove, 750Wood Pigeon, 2Kestrel, 1Sparrowhawk.

Pr Dipper (male singing), GSW, 1Buzzard, 2Dabchick, prGoosander, 3femGoldeneye, 5Coot, 1Grey Wagtail, 1Cormorant.

CLS swg wks & riverside
110+Pied Wagtail, 14Grey Wagtail, 2Meadow Pipit, femSparrowhawk, 3Dabchick, 2Cormorant, 26Tufted Duck, 76(!)Mute Swan, 1m2fGoosander, fem Mandarin tucked in under cover on oppisite bank on upstream side of inlet, 1Wigeon.

5Nuthatch, 10+Coal tit, 12LTTit, 5Bullfinch, 1Redwing.

followed a fenceline hoping for Little Owl, but made a grim discovery . . .

more death - defo not a jelly fish

Lumley waterworks area
1Redshank, 2Lapwing, 1Woodcock, 13Curlew, 7Grey Partridge, 2Goldcrest, 1Yellowhammer.

George Pit Lane
1Jay, 2Kestrel, 18Greenfinch, 20Chaffinch, 5Bullfinch, 2Mallard, 20House Sparrow, Tree Sparrow.

P.Close / L'side
12Tree Sparrow, 40Wood Pigeon, 1Little Owl, 10Collared Dve, 1Red legged Partridge, 4Willow Tit, 16Grey Partridge, 1Lesser Redpoll.

Coalfields area
10Bullfinch, 10Teal, 3Willow Tit, Woodcock out at dusk with male Long-eared Owl singing for 10 mins before setting out to hunt.

A good ten mile round trip, with 73species noted today, 10 or so being year ticks.

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