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Sunday, 31 January 2010

31st Jan 2010 - Bison baiting & Bunting buffet

31 Jan 2010
While some where enjoying a Tawny sitting in a local Kes box, i was working through a list of domestic chores . . . having saved them up all week they were quite a heap.
Our first Coal Tit of the year was in the garden.

Afternoon was better, set off down Bish Midd to collect some grain for our local bunts.

It was a couple of years since id been to Farnless.
Last time was to put a couple of BO boxes up - We remembered it well, i thought it was a set up at the time, as a LO was sitting motionless on a beam in the barn . . . the rest were as surprised as me when it came to life & flew off.

Bagged up, the farmer sporting a fine bandage on his hand, cut to the bone with, in his words - "not the cleanest of knives".

Had a walk round, Jack lapped up the farmyard & the contents of the pens !
We tracked a fox in the snow (funnily enough it headed towards the bunting field) the Sprawk was about but we saw CBs, RBs, Yham,GPart, etc a Woodcock was a surprise in the open farmland landscape.

Headed down to see the Bison, all was well untill the bull recieved his third snowball - all of a sudden the 2 wire fences didnt seem very secure !


We passed a well known TO tree on the way.

Back through home, cleared some snow & tipped a bag out - stored the rest away.

Who knows . . . in time we might get a bit of this

four figure flock !

I see Simple Simon's on there - he was living through this way, at Pit'nton just a couple of year ago . . . told me Corn Bunts had been "written off as a bad job" in NE England

A productive day, but the list still has a Flake sticking out of it.

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