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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

27 Jan 2010 - Nurd Forum

27 Jan 2010
One of my NY's revoloutions was to steer well clear of the "instant expert just add subject types" on the Turd Forum, sorry i'm not allowed to call it that.

It should be addressed by its correct title the Nurd Forum.

Well i havnt managed & have once again fallen foul of these people on the South Whineside thread.

Forget about dummies being spat, this time its Dolly, Golly & Teddy all fleeing well & truly out the pram !

& why are they so upset . . . ?

Its the familiar tale of scarce(ish) bird resulting in all this commotion.

They find a BNG on a concrete bowl suburban "park pond" - want to keep it secret, but in their infinite wisdom post news & pics of it on the Nurd Forum.

I get the news & pass it near & far (only to hear sev folks already are aware & that its been there at least 3 days !)

The Whinesiders are vexed, think they smell a rat & turn on one of their own.

The BNG is tremendous ! Showing itself off at close range, many people visiting & more than happy.
How on earth these people can turn such an excellent & unique birding experience into something so hateful & negative is beyond me.

"They" seem to have very little understanding of the concept of the study & conservation of birds, nor a desire to achieve anything tangible or worthwhile.
They are takers, they take & take, but dont appear to want to give much back for all the pleasure their pursuit gives them

The sad thing is the vast majority aren’t seemingly bothered in the least about the status & key issues regarding local wild birds.

If these doubters were genuinely interested in the welfare of local birds, then they'd forget all the petty bickering & squabbling & join in to help put something back.

Im certainly not gonna lose any sleep over a small number of doubters who continue to pour scorn on & refuse to acknowledge a particular group in the region who are endeavouring to make a difference.

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