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Friday, 29 January 2010

29 Jan 2010 - #98, #99 . . . / Buntings at last !

29 Jan 2010 - A fantastic week of Local Patching.

My OFFH List is now covered in monkeys blood & has a flake sticking out of it.

Taking me up the ice cream & flake combo were the 9 additional species ive managed to catch up over this last week, whilst covering 40+km on foot.

The magnificent 9 being :- CornBunt, YLG, Shelduck, BNG, Knot, Glauc, Bittern, Pintail, Gadwall

Peregrine, Merlin, Green Sand, Brambling, Shoveller, all evading me so far this month.
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28 Jan 2010
Had a slot between Taxi runs, so popped through to see if TO200 was alive & well - a long list of folks cant seem to see it or are missing it.
200 paces (long legged) & look right, 30' up.

Dropped "a" car in at the menders this morning,
close by saw :- adYLG #98, 10Tspug, 1Lowl, 2pr + 7Gpartridge, 56Feld, 23Redwng, 7Stock.
Best by far was finally finding a half decent flock of buntings.
All through the snow i tried over many km's but the most i managed was a 40odd nr WRainton.
Approx 80Yellowhammer & at least 1Corn #99 trying to keep out of the strengthening cold northerly wind.

Straight off to the nearest buildings & knocked on a couple of doors to get permission to put out some grain for them - a psoitive result in more ways than one.
One of them was from South Shields, hadnt been through here long, he furnished me with Little owl & Barn owl locations in the ST'side area & i will be only to happy furnish him with a box or two later.

An Oik reported back at a local waterbody - hope to get #100 by the end of the weekend.

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