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Leucistic Little Owl image copyright Hilary Chambers, Durham.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Sum of this weeks

Another half decent week
25mile on foot over Tuesday & Wensday netted a pleasing 90 species
a rest day in the hide at RMs was generally sh@te (as ever), but added 1 more - 9Whoopers

Whoops - 9 (5ads) spent whole day loafing, then off again north at dusk

Hi-lites included 5 0wls (stakeouts) during daylight hours on Tuesday

What we thought was gonna be a new Leo territory, turns out to be a youngster recently ousted from the winter natal roost close by, but another pair appear as if by magic after a 2 year break.

male Peregrine on the attack at SP only to end up being mobbed by Lapwing.

All the songsters detailed in previous entry - especially the chorus of Redwings.

Return of the Dabchicks to standing water bodies - first time in 8 weeks !

Dapper-chick - must have heard we were missing them & dropped in on Friday night

Eventually (after 3 months) getting a good enough view to clinch a Caspian gull, a good week for gulls with 9 species noted. (8 for me)

Watching a Wood Pigeon singing from his nest as we walked to school.

Confirming Tawny with chicks in the Kestrels pole box.

Return of Kingfisher to local burn (musta been on holiday with L.Grebe)

First Golden Plover of the year - 4 on autumn sown rape with Laps.

My 1st OFFH Bramblings & locating a promising looking new wader pool.

Bitten on several days

High total of 4 male Dipper in song

Laps & a pair of Curlew over displaying, Oiks building up to 27 birds & piping

Best total of Tree Spug for a few year (60 in 3km)

Downside -
No sign of Perg pair this year
No Merlin for me yet

Little sNap - 3 central 10km squares all have 50+ pairs each . . . surely the County's most abundant owl species . . . ?

Icegull - best part of a whole day on Wensda - not seen since . . .

Body Odour owl - the past 5 years have seen an unbelievable change in fortunes - another report in of a "new" pair south of Dham City . . .

pleased i was able to make the most of the weeks Sun
Hope we get plenty more, It really puts folks in a great mood !

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Andrew Kinghorn said...

Cracking Iceland Gull shot! Looks familiar ;)