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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Lapwing revisited

Would have liked an image of the Lapwings alongside the brand new structures & offices etc - perhaps i can later.

In the meantime had a search & found this image
A different perspective.

A Lapwings eye view of Gateshead. (with Tyne bridge bottom, right of centre)

Looking down, its perhaps no longer such a surprise that they're there . . .

On a slightly different vein.
Not too long back, there was a Barn Owl sighting by the side of main road, again the comment was "quite an urban location for the species".

On the ground though, i'd still be less surprised seeing a BO through there - loads of semi-derelict buildings & areas of rough grassland on roadsides & industrial estates and at least one pair of breeding Long-eareds by the banks of the Tyne downstream . . .

Sporadic BO reports right next door at Felling & ive found evidence of them in an area of rough grass close to The G'Head Stadium.

A very sharp eyed owler & myself both live a couple of hundred metres away from what can best be described as "as suburban pair" at home (H'ton)
We hardly ever see them unless making a specific effort . . .
(we are of course on 1st name terms with just about all the owls on the patch ;-/ )

Resident Barn owls in urban Gateshead . . .?
Unlikely, but i Guess we'll never know for sure . . .

Hopefully the Peewits can get a year or two in before their spot is re-developed.


at the other side of Gateshead, 20 odd Whoopers north over Shibdon Pond this morning (SH)


Rid said...

Hi ya Stevie, thanks very much mate, just spent a very enjoyable 30 mins or so reading through your blog.......great reading keep it up.....Especially all the owl encounters!!!

Phil said...

Good reading Steve - keep it up. But don't give too much away.