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Monday, 22 March 2010

On foot from home 22 March

Dipper at work (scoped from range)

Steady walkabout netting 77 species.

Damn !
When we agreed to the release of Beavers into our area, we didnt expect that they'd all come with ASBOs for littering !

Good Mipit passage today, with a single roving feeding flock of 300

Passage wader in the form of a


Some Spring arrivals with 5 singing Chiff & 18 Sand Martin

Smartin in the wind & rain -
they cant be that smart . . . i mean why dont they wait till its nice & warm !

A loose group of @80 Skylark got up into the wind, as i crossed their field in the rain - amazing sight & sound as a good percentage of them errupted into song

A short video clip of pair of Dipper watched building.

This is their second attempt - footbridge close by fell through for them.

Loads of Reeed Bunts on territory & singing, (1 contact calling in an odd floating display like flight ) but 30 odd still in winter bunting flock.

groups of Redwings singing at 2 spots
watched a pr of GSW interacting then the male working on a fresh nest hole excavation.
Good to see pairs of Grey Wags on territory & a couple of Kingfishers, though Wrens do seem to be down in no's after the winter.
Great tit & Willow Tit in a strange duet - they were within 15m of each other & seemed to be taking turns, never once singing over the top of the other.

Some more of todays birds :-
Water Rail, Little Owl, Nuthatch, Buzzard, Goosander, Dabchick, Tawny Owl, Golden Plover, Siskin, Snipe, Treecreeper, Shoveller, Jay.

OFFH List = 111


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