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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

30th March - Drauked

Tried for Black Redstart, Water Pipit, Willow Warbler & Garganey . . . .

No such luck - they cant wait for another day.

THe new addition today was a very welcome wader in the form of a Green Sandpiper.
(#117 all bar 4 OFFH. )
The only year ive been here where we havnt had overwintering birds.
Todays was on a private pool tucked away under overhanging thorns out of the worst of the rain - unlike myself who was soaked through by that point.

The Gate was average-ish
2m Shoveller steamed about & spun in circles, half a dozen or so Wigeon, 10 loafing Shelduck, 2pr Teal, 100Curlew, pr Oiks, couple of Lapwings sitting, a dozen Snipe and half a dozen Redshank with a fly by of 24 others - strangely they didnt come down.


Continued down to see how the Dippers were getting on.
Watched one collecting to add to the nest - including leaves (recently mentioned by HC on DBC forum)
Dome now complete, they are working on the inside.

short Dipper VIDEO

GSW also working on his home untill a dog emptier deceided to linger

Lots of Chiffchaffs now, although no hirundines for me today

Waded back over the fields, decent population of Lapwings,
10pr in one cereal field - females very difficult to see as autumn sown stuff is getting up.

on eggs

Tree & House Spugs together, pr of Kes with fem sheltering in box, Curlew displaying in the rain.

Popped into the freezer to wring my dut & gloves out.
not much doing - 2prGoldeneye, mShoveller, +8prTeal about a dozen or so Snipe probing as the rain teamed down.

Very little on the way back - 2 Mistle singing 100 yards apart & a 3 pair of Oiks. Pair on the marsh, pair flying onto factory roof & 3rd pair on the cricket field.

Turned down a lift to keep that sandpiper OFFH !

71 species noted

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