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Friday, 5 March 2010

Sing into Spring

We've heard the vast majority of local resident species in song now (especially last 2 weeks)
Stock Dove, Curlew, Corn Bunting, Bullfinch, Long-eared Owl, Treecreeper, Siskin, Jay, Linnet, etc, aswell as tumbling Lapwing, drumming GSW, piping Oystercatcher etc

Latest additions being Grey Wag singing in display flight & Reed Buntings singing again since Tuesday.
The following day i had the pleasure of watching & listening to 45-50 Redwings singing over the top of each other as they sat bathed in sunlight in a tall Ash - generally only note this late in March.

Some of them are still "warming up" for example Yellowhammers - a few must be feeling the effects of the credit crunch as they have no filling in their sandwiches !
:- the first part of the tune "little bit of bread" was all they could manage - they should all have some cheese before too long

Meadow Pipit (not a true resident) are one which is late in returning, doesnt appear to be any on territory locally yet ?
Similarly with some of the Skylarks, still only about quarter, if that of territories occupied. (usually all pile back & start singing late January).
Another few we havnt heard here-abouts is the whinnying trill from the Dabchicks - they cleared out after the first week of the year, due to the ice, & still havnt returned to our standing water bodies . . .

Roding Woodcock, drumming Snipe & Redpoll buzzing over in display are also absent from our local list so far, but they are now in short supply as breeders on the East side of the Vice-County & a real prize for any of the local patchers . . .

Hard to imagine that just a few more weeks & the first true Spring migrants will be joining the chorus.

Was having a clear out & found an old film down the back of the sideboard which i hadnt sent off to get developed - managed to salvage this image :-

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