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Thursday, 13 May 2010

Weardale woods


An area of open Birch woodland yielded an excellent number of Tree Pipits

This one area hosting 11 singing male & a pair.
Also 5 singing male & 2pr Redstart, together with a supporting cast of 3Buzzard, 1Raven, 2Kestrel, male Merlin, Sparrowhawk, 12Swift, 2Green Woodpecker, Treecreeper, 3Gswpkr.

the main clearing

Following on from yestdays, another Blackbird nest close to the ground.

Had birds nesting in these very same clumps of coppiced Hazel in the early '90's.

Always a pleasure to visit the upland woods.
Called in to a well known woodland
But cold windy conditions certainly hampering our efforts today.

Good craic bumping into another of the Dales special residents:- none other than the Mr Gavsterly

who later led us on a short cut - yes thats right he knows the forest like the back of his . . . now which was it, :- hand or arse . . . ? ;-)

Plenty of stunning male Redstarts, a couple of pair of Tree Pipit with one parachuting down & another nest building close by.

The only Pied Fly we saw burst into song for a brief spell as soon as the sun broke through & not a sniff of a Wood Warbler . . . remembering back to May '92 when we had 18 males in the area, now seems hard to believe & impossible to fathom out . . .

No sign of any Spotted Flycatchers up here yet - in fact i havnt heard of any other than The Herons birds back on the Patch & singing before the end of April.

Several Siskins entertained, including a male who came down close to drink & then sing - amazing colours in the sun - it'll be a good few months before we'll see these again down the road at the Local patch.

Semi-natural Oak woodland - most of the buds still waiting for Spring to arrive ! - i think we'll try again when it has !!!
(compare this image to yesterdays woodland shot in the sheltered lowlands close to home)

Taking note of an old hand, who blocks his nest box holes up till well into the season to keep Great Tits & the like out, we installed a few at scattered intervals . .

Though i feel its gonna take more than a few socks stuffed into holes to help prevent some of our Summer specialities from free-falling into oblivion . . .
Thankfully some seem to be faring better than others.

Bonniest breeding bird we have ?
(pic by Gav the Farmers Badge gadge).

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