In Dusk We Trust - Some Owling in Co.Durham, North East England, Great Britain
Leucistic Little Owl image copyright Hilary Chambers, Durham.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Weardale again

Managed to see a few bits & bobs on a family visit

Delighted to watch some Wood Warblers
2 males constantly active feeding, stopped only to deliver their loud trilling song every 3 or 4 mins.

What i took to be a female, fed in the tops of Birch, making an almost constant contact note.

Others seen included GSW, Redstart, Dipper, Grey Wagtail, Tree Pipit, Buzzard, Lesser Redpoll, Garden Warbler etc & an ape . . .

& a mud lark


Received this interesting not & image, from a tree-less landscape in the Weardale area :-

" . . . . . . I spotted a bird in a small quarry - a Woodcock, followed by 3 young.
For 45 minutes the adult tried to get the young to fly vertically up the quarry walls."

" . . . . . . Eventually after a few failed attempts all 3 youngsters made it to the top where they skuttled off amongst the tall tufts of grass."

The young appear quite well advanced, will have to check up & see what sort of date the bird went down onto eggs.

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Phil said...

That Woodcock picture and story deserves wider recognition Steve. A great piece of work.