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Leucistic Little Owl image copyright Hilary Chambers, Durham.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Roe Doe & Fawn

Went up the Brown Knee Valley for a look out with the missus

Delightful through there, plenty of birds & hit on lucky finding a Doe & her fawn out in the open in a hay meadow.

A very good selection of woodland species, some of which we're more likely to find , especially nowadays further West in our upland Oakwoods.

We didnt get through till mid morning, so perhaps could have added to the list had we been through 5 or 6 hours earlier !

Those seen included 3m Redstart, 1Spotted Flycatcher, best being a male Wood Warbler singing just above our heads -stunning bird & one which has declined (plummeted !) in Durham over the last decade.

Treecreepers were all around with 3 family parties of consisting of @20 birds, GSW, Nuthatch, Dipper, 2m Stock Dove, Kingfisher, Garden Warbler, Kestrel, 3m Goldcrest, etc.

Wrens in a tight crotch

Anxious Doe


Now we realise why . . .

Roe Doe & Fawn


Take it down & put it on the fire ? - pair of Blue Tits feeding young in this battered box - the gaping holes courtesy of Mr Great Spot.

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