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Leucistic Little Owl image copyright Hilary Chambers, Durham.

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Rape Warbler / Lowls

6AM - The Heron texted from an Oil seed Rape field at the edge of the houses

a reed/marsh . . . but not close enough to get a good look at it

popped down with scope & we came to conclusion that it was a Reed Warbler
It doing a bit mimickry, especially of Sedgie & a bright orange gape when singing.
Suppose it was the Habo throwing us the most . . .

Thought i heard one, a Reed that is, in Rape nr S.Pond a fortnight back.

After breakfast, we joined JWa to inspect Little Owl boxes,

Its been Three weeks since the last checks & we were expecting chicks

But the 2 we looked at both still had incubating birds.

Continued on to re-erect another LO box ( a Pat Martin production ) which had been damaged & which Jimmy had repaired.
Nice to see lots of Tree Spugs buzzing about & into boxes - 5 year ago there was only a single pair - the boxes were an instant success.

Called it a morning there, as we had one of our youngest helpers with us.

No young, but Jack was happy, laughing after getting a photo of the "monkeys bot" on his school camera.

An interesting tree

This fault showing just how strong a wood Oak is - its been holding on like this for a good few year now.

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