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Friday, 5 February 2010

5th Feb 2010 - Chrimbo decs finally down

The Pintail was a new one for the small pool down the back of Colliery Row, the 2nd wint Zzzzzed Gull was there again too. The drakes a stunner & wary as hell, the first to get his head up, as he fed with Mallard & Teal in ice free water underneath Hawthorn trees.
They went up when a dog-emptier approached, over towards Joes where the over zealous inept kack handed systematically mis-managed Countrypark style management regime on the Nature reserve there has removed the vast majority of overhanging waterside veg there meaning its just about iced solid.
While im venting steam the latest recipient of the birder retard award goes to the PILLOCK standing clapping the bottom of the pole box - i scoped him from the hilltop & couldnt find the t#at by the time i got down.

Thankfully, that happy clapper doesnt seem to have put the Tawny off shes still lying down


Otherwise poor th'day. 2 singing Willow Tit, a Redshank was back on the big pool, 11Snipe busy feeding, 1,600gulls - novelty waring off again though the YLG was there again - would have liked a pic of this but the camera is intermittant at present, 60 disappearing redpoll over , prGadwall back up top - where theyre going for their brief journeys when its froze is uncertain, Kes pr mating again


So a lot of old bollox realy - might go to work again soon think ive come on this extended holiday by mistake.

the last 2 days have been so uneventful that i even resorted to taking down our outdoor decorations . . .
this is my record latest ever date, but am also hoping for an early re-arrival date possibly around mid November time.

Yesterday mornings freezing fog & zero visibilty resulted in procedings being abandoned & i came home limping.
I doubled back due to weather & dropped down into the old cemy.
A handful of Mags were scolding something & i thought i might find a Tawny in the ivy - only problem was the whole place is festooned with the stuff.
Cursory glances at some of the ages on the stones revealing how harsh life was back a hundred year or so.

Drawing a big fat blank here, a move to a section of exposed Limestone.
Had looked at this only briefly with the bairn a while back (he found a beaut fresh BO pellet which made us look up).

So plenty splash & a few fresh pellets - but half way between 2 breeding pairs it surely cant be another nest site . . . ?
Thinking id have a better idea of what was what if i got higher up, i climbed the first section no probs, but could see other crevises close by.
Jumping down, (getting too old for this malarky) i stumbled on landing & hurt my achilles.
Still unsure on this one - next time its either a dusk steakout in this creepy old graveyard OR a fetch a set of ladders . . .

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