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Leucistic Little Owl image copyright Hilary Chambers, Durham.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

24 Feb - Cheek by jowl

Topped up the feed, over the hill
Very very encouraging, 4 Corn Bunts with 1 singing briefly.
Close by another landowner has signed up to help produce buntings too
& here was us thinking our relict pocket of birds was being overlooked in favour of the Bish Midd stronghold.

Difficult to count the rest, Yellowhammers, Reed Bunts & Skylarks mixed together, continually up & down in dribs & drabs
Couple of Stock & Partridge & a Song Thrush looking a bit lost amongst the arable fields. Couple of Skyks up aloft but only limited bursts of song.

Gave the gulls a good grilling for at least 5 minutes
A couple of new species discovered including the wrestlers favourite:
an immature Half-Nelson Gull

Half Nelson ?

& an good example of the equally unheard of :-
asian sub-species, the Curry Headed Gull

otherwise ad LBB was the only thing of note, but many BHGs now getting their dark chocolate hoods.

After yesterdays haul of half a dozen, brief Photo assignment to try to capture a decent LO.
Pleased with this one

i moved on without it seeing me.

I still reckon it the most numerous owl species in Co.Durham.

Back at home, a pair of Tawnies sat cheek by jowl

Tried to get a close up through scope, but wouldnt quite focus on face

A couple of local Barnies at 2 locs, out hunting at @ 16:30

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Andrew Kinghorn said...

There's talk the curry headed gull is going to be made a full species this year. ;)