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Leucistic Little Owl image copyright Hilary Chambers, Durham.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

25 Feb - Keep on your patch & off the road

Nipped down Farnless to collect grain
With Corn Bunts in mind i detoured on the way (Dham City area) & picked up 2singing males competing against a chorus of Skylarks & loads of singing Yellowhammers. Along the lane 3pr Partridge, 2prStock Dove & single Little Owl.

Stoneybeck was indeed a Lake - hasnt had this much water in for a good while
Not many birds on, but a fair selection

3 Pintail, ad LBBGull, 6 Pochard, Oystercatcher, Snipe, Curlew

Regular LO in the Oak with another singing Corn Bunting

Had bother getting out of the farmyard . . .

A while since i visted the DBC Castle Lake Reserve
Called in & was surprised at discovering the location for the new wader scrape

New wader scrape already attracting birds :- Grey Wagtail, plus a Moorhen in with 2 calves in byer.

Loads of water, several years since ive seen it topped up like this
& loads of birds

The hide retains its new smell
4Stock Doves feeding close outside - generally a very wary species.
Seems it doesnt matter how high the water rises theres always scope for waders here, with 2Ruff & a Green Sandpiper, 40Golden Plover, 21Redshank, 12Curlew & 5Oystercatcher.

Over 600 ducks too
Good count of 36Pochard, 275Teal, 190Wigeon, 8Gadwall, 3Shoveler,2Goldeneye, 150Mallard, 1Little Grebe, 5Shelduck, 10Tufted Duck, 2Cormorant

Popped into a rarely visited backwater & hit on lucky

managed to get a couple onto it before it evaporated into cover - no doubt for a lie down to digest the huge vole it grabbed & scoffed in a one-r

other profile

So, i guess the moral of the story is
Stop driving around in cars going to see someone elses birds
Flog your patch into submission instead !

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