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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

3rd Feb 2010 - Five out of Five.

The bright warm sun encouraging more song today.
Willow Tit the latest to tune up.

Looked through 1,000's of gulls - wasnt 100% on this one . . .

Redpolls prominant today with several flocks of up to 60

but only a single Siskin - theyve being reported as "bad to get" since last Autumn.

Bumped into Davy @~#%>$ing J.
He'd been on the nite shift & was off home to top up his Torretts tablets

Several hard frosts since Friday night resulting in majority of pools being iced up, drake Pintail & 2Wigeon remain, but the Gadwall have moved out again. Both adult Herons seen today appeared to be hunting for voles.

The pole TO would appear to be incubating .
. .
found its mate tucked well away.

Tawny pellet

A few checks to see whats what

beneath a Leo roost.
(amazing how these birds manage to cough the pound coins up seperately)

Caught up with The Heron, we finished off with a couple of special birds.
All 5 seen to be present & correct round Hoton today.

One to ponder on :-

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