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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

23 Feb - Pastures Old

This entry contains information relating to the propulsion of a person in a motor vehicle powered by an internal combustion engine.

How easy is that.
"Birding" with a car.

Had a drive out to have a look at a few old haunts this afternoon (keeping one eye shut & a hand tied firmly behind my back)

Snow & cold, yes winters still here
But the days are slowly lengthening & the sun is shining warmer
Signs of Spring today:-
a kettle of 6 Buzzard, numerous species singing including my first cock Stonechat of the year, others included Bullfinch, Treecreeper & Willow Tit.
A Dipper inspecting a nesting cavity & speculative scope scan for Red Kite netted a male Goshawk displaying - a real scoop & something we've speculated on for some time.

There are though, some definate signs that the cold & snow is pegging some activity back.
For EG,
Only 2 Skylarks in full song, yet 2 fields away a winter flock of 100+birds in stubble/set-a-side. At home some of the Rooks building, but way behind last year & were still waiting for the Dabchicks to return. Havnt seen/heard of tumbling Lapwings yet.

Anyway, bizarre how after returning to an area after a good few years some things never change, yet others are un-recognisable.
Plenty Little owl activity, half a dozen out (of the wind) this aftnoon

It took me ages to remember where that tree hole was - last time i looked there was probably pre 1997 !

The only down side to the visit was the numerous piles of sloppy red gunk on one pathside - must be feeding their hounds on Chappy mixed with powdered house bricks.

Other odds & ends included Brambling (yrtick) Grey Partridge, Snipe, Stock Dove, Goosander, LBBGull, Siskin & one of the last, a Green Woodpecker having a good laugh at me as it remained concealed.

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