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Leucistic Little Owl image copyright Hilary Chambers, Durham.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Round the Doors

 A steady walk round today 9-4

Within a few 100 yards from home Kingfisher fished from its perch, 2 Swift still close to nest sites, Buzzard over heading SE.


Water Rail calling from the Typha bed- waited a while for spotty crake- No such luck although yet another  one The Heron has seen here.
Also Kingfisher , Little Owl , Sparrowhawk with 3 noisy Kamakarze(?) juvs,

Log jam

150 Linnet/Goldfich, 44 House Martin, Moorhen with chicks just hatched, 2 Heron.

Morton Wood/Grange:

Sparrowhawks with young, 1 Little Owl, pr+2 Stock Dove, young Treecreepers & Nuthatch, 6 Tree Sparrow, 2pr  Grey Partridge, 3 Kestrel.

Lots of b'flys along the disused rail line

wasnt sure about this 1 till it opened its wings:-

Speckled Wood - they ve come on leaps & bounds last 2-3 year

Rainton M's:

Formerly a vast pit heap, re-worked as opencast before being put back
Some of it is now The Great North Forrest - more like a great north waste of money....
hundreds of 1,000's more trees than were ever needed & no after care policy !

It'll be interesting how many of these trees die off now that the canopy is closing
Areas of natural regen around the edges are rich in birds & wildlife, theres also the benefit that its formative years have given us some good small mammal populations :-)
On the whole a tragic waste of money & land

Snippets include:-
Little Owl, 10Snipe, 23Curlew, 1 Green Sand, 50 Lapwing, 3 Oystercatcher, 10 Teal , mGadwall, 2Shoveller, 2j each of Reed & Sedge Warbler, 12+Swift & 450+ mixed Hirundines scattered in area,

passage Redstart (diff bird to Sunday) - its on the top strand of barb in case you cant see it . . .
another classic iPhone binned image.

4Sparrowhawks up over Highfield Hotel, 3Sparrowhawks up over Leamside,
prGrey Partridge with 8 young, 8+Willow Tit etc,
year-tick in the shape of a cc Marsh Harrier which drifted SW over Leamside at 14:00, an area where ive seen 1 previously at this time of year - poss same seen earlier from Sedgeletch

North Hetton Fm / Dairy Lane:

13Mistle Thrush, pr Grey Partridge with 10+ young, pr Stock Dove, pr Little Owl etc.

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