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Friday, 6 August 2010

Offending article

This is the Offending Article - the Cypress not the Audi

Having outgrown its position after 30 odd year its sadly time to go

Being conscious of the needs of wild birds, we try to leave any large evergreens like this till the end of the breeding season -
But, in this case builders are following on from us shortly, thankfully the inside of the canopy was open & we only came across 2 old Pigeons nests

Spotted a traffic warden dishing out tickets - the customers had scratched the incorrect date panels & were close to getting ticketed
Great views of the Cathederal & Castle up there too !

Glory part over, now for the bin man work

Doesnt matter how much effort you put in with the saw & harness, its allways the tidying up that gets remarked upon

Back through our way to tip off
All are waste is 100% re-cycled at a Defra Licensed site -
Here its graded & fine is mixed in with farm waste to go back on the land, then theres logs, wood chip, mulch, soil improver etc

We stopped to watch this wagon mounted JENZ HEM 561 pulverise some trees !
Madness watching its 600hp mince up 24" wide butts without hesitation.

The clean woodchip from this goes to heat a local school.

If you're in NE area & need any trees removing dont contact me cause i'll probably be out birding ;-)

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