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Leucistic Little Owl image copyright Hilary Chambers, Durham.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Local Patching for a change - 4 yr ticks

After the rotten wet week it turned out to be a nice warm bright Sunday, bringing with it 4 patch year ticks.

Local Stalwart, The Heron SMS'ed with news of a  Pied Fly at the edge of town - as it happens just along the road - it was too close to turn down the opportunity - especially as theres only 1 other P.Fly on my patch tally.
40 long minutes it took to locate it as it sallied between Ash, Elm & Chestnut - a drab female type, but a real good passage bird to see, let alone find anywhere inland.
Thats another 1 i owe for . . . .

A pair of Little Owls entertained as i waited for the Fly to appear.

Its mate was next to its "box" . . . .

a Tree House no less ! - possibly the largest owl box in the County ! ?  

The bairn with his split head, was content to remain clocked in the house - so i treat myself to a full afternoon session.

Starting at TheBridge
i met EA, of Night Heron fame - he filled me in, metioing recet Hobby.

with Dipper, Kingfisher, 5Goosander etc etc

###  Short Dip Clip  ###

Headed up to TheGate (a 7 or 8 year old subsidence pool)
where i bumped into Foghorn Leghorn
who had just flushed all the waders off the pool
(there was no other reasonable explanation for no birds !)

We just began to chat when something flicked over the road above our heads -
landing on the Thistles it was a fine juvvy Whinchat -

a local yr tick, right place right time.

Andrew was quick to note an adult Buzzard here.
We headed off to another small subsidence pool, which held a Teal & a GreenSand.

Nice to see a keen young birder out & about - & he seems to have a unique talent in that he never has a bad word to say about anyone !

We went our seperate ways & i met up with the legend which is Man with Stick at TheMeadows
masses of birds here & a definate feel that we've had a good breeding season & that Summers on its way out.

200+ Willow-Chiffs, 10Blackcap, 4Lesser Whitethroat, 2Sedge Warbler, 12Whitethroat, 100+LTTit, 6Willow Tit, 80Goldfinch, 12Swift, 2Wheatear, Micks Redstart from yestday was at pool1, giving me the 3rd yrtick, a couple each of Teal, Shoveller & Gadwall, 11Cormorant record count ?, 200House Martin/Swallow etc

A further look back down produced a couple of Green Sands & an unexpected Spotted Redshank circling whilst calling for 5 mins, before heading off South - no doubt due to the noisy scum in the hides.

After the light went i watched 3 Long-eareds move together silently along the bankside - moments later i could hear one begin begging.

So a good ol' day, 3 sessions & 4 ticks.

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