In Dusk We Trust - Some Owling in Co.Durham, North East England, Great Britain
Leucistic Little Owl image copyright Hilary Chambers, Durham.

Monday, 12 April 2010

We parked up to eat our bait. The Laughin' Lad was the first bird we saw.

Spent a while strolling round semi-natural Oak woodlands in the Derwent Res area
Flat calm, sunny & warm - absolute bliss.

Hoped to find an early Pied Fly, but no luck.
Others this afternoon :-
1mRedstart, 1mTree Pipit, 1mGreen Woodpecker, Willow Warbler, prMarsh Tit, 5Nuthatch, 3Treecreeper, 2prBuzzard, prLesser Redpoll, several singing Siskin etc.
40Pink feet, 60Wigeon mostly paired up, 4Goldeneye, 3GCGrebe, 2prBuzzard, 1Raven.


Phil said...

I take it "Laughin Lad" is a local name? If not, well done it made me laugh anyway too.

Stevie Evans ( owler ) said...

Hi Phil
Name local to Durham City area, though seldom heard by birders.
Thats the last twice ive been "off patch" & good a good view of male.