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Leucistic Little Owl image copyright Hilary Chambers, Durham.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

18 Apr

young Tony

a busy week, not much birding:-

get set, Go !

5 - slices of cake !

Cut'n job,
over the house, telephone wires, footpath, previously been butchered - lots of rot & vertical false growth etc

git big lump (click)

something nasty inside - it made a mess of the chain at both attempts (rocks & a steel bar are my guess !) so couldnt cut it any smaller . . .

wed 14 apr:
20:00: 8Goldeneye, 7Goosander, 1Water Rail, 3pr Redshank, 1LRPlover, 10+Snipe, prKestrel, pr+3Tawny Owl

thurs 15 apr:
male Swallow round farmyard at Junction House (between Sth Hetton & Easington).
Ad male Kestrel hovering over suburban back gardens at Grindon, S'land.

sun 18 apr:
dusk: 1Goldeneye, 4Goosander, 2Swallow & first decent flock of 80 Sand Martin.
Staking out a likely Water Rail spot for our local 24hr session, resulted in 1 sharming, also producing a hunting Long-ear, 3Common & 1 Jack Snipe lifting just over my shoulder


Ducklings: - only heard of 2 broods so far . . . any more ?


Summer Migs:-

several of the "later" summer migrants having come in close to home,
including :-
Sedge, Reeed, a couple more Cuckoo & today Lesser Whitethroat (mh)

But, "earlier" stuff the like of Wilwobs / Blackcaps & Hirundines, are still not in full no's.

Cuckoos are lovely - untill you find yourself living with one . . .

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Phil said...

We dont get Cuckoos any more - if you don't want it send over here please.