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Leucistic Little Owl image copyright Hilary Chambers, Durham.

Friday, 26 November 2010

Single Black Female

no sign of [B]Bittern[/B] from the hide at Rainton, untill just after 16:00

the front edge of the phragmite reedbed having 'collapsed' with the weight of snow.

2 [B]Water Rail[/B] were feeding close together near the car park Willows

the pools had  @10% thin ice

several [B]Snipe[/B] & [B]Woodcock[/B] were visible flying in/out to feed as the light went, with a [B]Jack Snipe[/B] flying in to pool4.

Unusually 2 [B]Jack Snipe[/B] were flying together, the leader being pursued closely, with the following bird shadowing ever twist & turn, under tree branches, undulating up & down over rush & sedge.

They eventually dropped in together on the channel between III & IV.

A Long-eared was post hunting at II as i came away @17:00, hunting off up the bank, showing up superbly against the snow.


a nice warm inviting sunderland sunbed shop


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