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Leucistic Little Owl image copyright Hilary Chambers, Durham.

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Hobbies / Castle Lake DBC nature reserve

In Durham terms a remarkable afternoon for Hobbies
1 - 3 birds on view pretty much constantly from noon till 4pm

mostly in area to the South East of Castle Lake
one raptor enthusiast had 3 birds together from the comfort of the DBC hide ! - another of our dreams seemingly slowly becomming a reality !

Close views of birds coming in low repeatedly taking insects at Allans Pool

I watched one catch a large blue dragonfly, before it swing round eating its catch right in front of me.

Close by at Fishburn Lake,  the excitement continued when a sub adult bird performed its aerobatics around the pool for an hour.

both these pool had very large nos of damselflys in todays warm conditions.

After a good crop of sightings over the years, especially so this year, will hopefully lead to this location being one where local birders can watch these superb flyers on a regular basis.
( There was another which was likely to have been a Hobby, at long range over the ridge at Garmondsway NZ3433 )


Simply stunning birds.


Fox den

Dab & chick

Wader Bay - DBC Castle Lake reserve
roll on Spotted Crake . . .


Or kids

Hobby food
(pleased with this one phone-scoped)

Sythe slicing up the sky

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