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Tuesday, 15 June 2010


Sunday aftnoon wander with the apprentice

Poor weather meant it was pleasantly quiet, only 1 car parked - in fact so quiet we had a Woodcock come up from the side of the main path.

Lots of birds, 3 family parties of Marsh Tit were a delight to watch.
Nuthatch, GSW & Treecreeper all with young.

adult Green Woodpecker at The Meadow, where Jack continued his count of slugs & snails & "spittle bugs"

As we kneeled to take a closer look we realised the meadow was alive with tiny young Grasshoppers & tried to catch 1 or 2.

Jack managed easily,

one on his small hand

just before it jumped up his nostril !

We bumped into Den.B's pin up:-

the "bird-lady" of The Dene
met a guy i hadnt seen for 20 year

Shame to see the scum have been camping in the meadow again, large scorched area & litter & brocken glass.

Other bits included Peregrine south offshore, Lesser Whitethroat carrying food, a couple of soggy Kestrels, Bullfinch & Stock Dove singing.

Decieded to go back again on a nicer day & have a picnic with a few of the wild strawberries.

almost a bird, ear of wheat
picked this & pondered how this turns into his breakfast

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