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Thursday, 16 March 2017

Leo - Witches broom site

Late afternoon
Went to have a look at the Long-eared Owl pair which I'm hoping may nest in a Witches Broom growth.

Directly underneath I found what must have been the previous occupant.
A rather mummified grey squirrel - this wasn't here last time, so it looks likely that the Long-eareds have removed it from the witches broom.....

Once selection has been made, females will roost at, near or even perch up on the nest prior to occupation.

I found her in the immediate area, but extremely well hidden...

a small trail of splash gave a clue as to her whereabouts

Can you see me?

Very difficult to find birds when they roost in Gorse scrub

Close by a pellet under one of the males song perches

This will be an interesting one to follow up on - never seen birds use a witches broom for nesting.
Fingers crossed.

This is a large Hedgehog i've seen last 2 nights at our garden
It was looking worse for wear this morning - took it to get some attention - small puncture wound & blood on its back, looks like a dog has had a hold of it.

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