In Dusk We Trust - Some Owling in Co.Durham, North East England, Great Britain
Leo food-pass image copyright Michael Brady, Newcastle.

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Ar nuther tic

Well thats another very enjoyable year on the local patch birding.

A real flourish over the final 4-5 weeks with resulting in a personal total of 165species seen on the patch, with good views of 2 of our Arctic Redpolls today.

Of these, 161 being "OFFH"  - On Foot From Home.

with 178 species OFFH resulting from 1 visit to coast..... on our local 'bird race' - this being a 24hr, 42km walk in mid May !

Lots of highlights, all 5 owls seen on New Years Day, 10 new local patch ticks for me during the year, a late winter record of all 5 owl species seen in 37 minutes.


Rid said...

Wow, 5 owl species in 37 minutes, must be a world record!!!!!
Nice one Stevie.

Richard Pegler said...

I'd like to be able to find 5 owls (of any species!) in 37 minutes! Amazing!!